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I'm looking to validate an URL. I have already a script that validates to not allow www. and http:// but i need to also validate for .com etc.

My script won't run if they enter something like

I have this for a full URL:


I just need to validate the end or .com etc.

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Try This...


It's working exactly what you want.

it takes with or with out http://, https://, and www.

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Did you try it? It matches http:// alone and [a-z]{2,5} is really poor to match TLDs, see: – Toto Oct 17 '14 at 13:01

Far from pretending this to be the ideal regex to match urls, the particular problem of only matching urls which do not begin with www can be resolved with a negative lookahead : (?!www\.) meaning that the following text should not be www.

Therefore, your regex adapted with this negative lookahead:


matches the following urls

but not those:
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