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I have an html static page as well as a url of html web page Can anybody suggest me how can i convert these html webpages to a wml web page?

any converter? or any way to achieve this? any solution that can be done at client end or server end will be acceptable.

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I would urge you to re-consider. There are a number of issues with WML, and many are dealt with in this page:

If you are determined to convert mark-up to WML however, your best bet would be writing an XSL file that takes well-formed XHTML and transforms it into WML.

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can u please suggest any tutorial...I cannot find a way to achieve it – Swati Jan 17 '11 at 6:16
A tutorial for what? XSL transformations? Google is your friend. With regards WML / HTML, the basic difference is round the use of the card entity, and a stricter doctype. If your mark-up is clean, you shouldn't have too many issues converting. Really depends on the nature of the HTML you're dealing with. – Ben Jan 17 '11 at 9:58

I think this question should be tagged as homework...

Try this: and

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