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I have been having an odd issue on a windows service which is used to schedule reports.

I have a data layer dll doing all the data stuff and producing output.

When my windows service calls a method on this dll via reflection, It produces a report which is fine but slightly incorrect report..

However, I developed a simple windows application which calls the same method as the windows service uses to produce the report and run it, it also produces report but different from the one that was produced by windows service whereas they have to be same...

In those reports, the one my test windows application has correct data in it, but the one my windows service generates does not...

I use same methods to invoke methods in two application and the datalayer dlls are exactly same. and I test them on the server tat my windows servers runs.

I know it is hard to reproduce this type of issue, but I thought that there might be someone who came across with similar issue.

Does anyone have any idea? why do they behave differently?

Many thanks



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Suggestion: add logging to your data layer DLL to see exactly the calls being made upon it and the data returned. This should reveal if it is somehow being called differently. –  John Pickup Jan 14 '11 at 13:28
there is already logging, I think I need to add more granularity to it.. –  AnarchistGeek Jan 14 '11 at 13:36

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