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I'm writing generic logger for SQLException and I'd like to get parameters that were passed into PreparedStatement, how to do it ? I was able to get the count of them.

ParameterMetaData metaData = query.getParameterMetaData();
parameterCount = metaData.getParameterCount();
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Short answer: You can't.

Long answer: All JDBC drivers will keep the parameter values somewhere but there is no standard way to get them.

If you want to print them for debugging or similar purposes, you have several options:

  1. Create a pass-through JDBC driver (use p6spy or log4jdbc as a basis) which keeps copies of the parameters and offers a public API to read them.

  2. Use Java Reflection API (Field.setAccessible(true) is your friend) to read the private data structures of the JDBC drivers. That's my preferred approach. I have a factory which delegates to DB specific implementations that can decode the parameters and that allows me to read the parameters via getObject(int column).

  3. File a bug report and ask that the exceptions are improved. Especially Oracle is really stingy when it comes to tell you what's wrong.

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This article, from Boulder, ahtoulgh DB 2 "specific", gives a complete example of ParameterMetadata usage.

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