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Apologies for the confusion,

I have two files, one vbscript/asp(classic) and the other a javascript file.

Ive created some google API tables in the vbscript and because of this i scripted the javascript functions in the vbscript file ie:

response.write "function DrawGoogleGraph(){" & vbcrlf


everything is working, but i want to now use a value i collect in the vbscript-scripted-javascript function to pass into a function which is in my .js file. It doesnt seem to allow this.

I have surrounded the vbscript-scripted javascript with the tags so i guess it is out of scope?

How can i get around this? I cant really move the Google stuff into my Javascript function and my Ajax calls are all set up in my .js files.

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Output a script block in your page that sets the variables for your .js file:

<script type='text/javascript'>
var something = <%=vbSomething%>
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