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how to get name of a class inside static method, i have inheritance and want name of derived class

IN following example what shall be there in place of XXX in method my_name()

class snake()
   def my_name():  
      print XXX.__name___

class python (snake)
class cobra (snake)

# I want output to be python

# I want output to be cobra
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I'm pretty sure that this is impossible for a static method. Use a class method instead:

class Snake(object):
    def my_name(cls):  
        print cls.__name__
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As Lennart said, it's not "impossible", but it's a very bad idea. Pretend I never said the following, but ... you could do it using the inspect module with inspect.currentframe(), and then loading and searching through the source file to find the name of the function and then its class. :-) – Ben Hoyt Jan 14 '11 at 14:38

A static method in Python is for all intents and purposes just a function. It knows nothing about the class, so you should not do it. It's probably possible, most things tend do be. But it's Wrong. :)

And in this case, you clearly do care about the class, so you don't want a static method. So use a class method.

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the self keyword gives the class with the method in it. Therefore, the name can be found by using self.__name__

If you want to get the parent class, you'll need to pass it to the class by some method, such as the __init__ method.

class example():
    def __init__(self,parent):
        self.parent = parent

    def printit(self):
        print self.__name__
        print self.parent.__name__

Also you should include self as the first argument of class methods. It's a python convention that allows you to access class variables by using self.

Also, you should just be able to access the name by using python.__name__

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This only applies to normal methods, not static methods. – Daniel Hepper Jan 14 '11 at 14:27
I see. I don't see the advantages to using a static method. Ive always defined methods in the way I did above and it worked. – Zonedabone Jan 14 '11 at 14:31
You access the parent by super() in normal methods. – les Mar 17 at 15:48

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