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In PHP how do I get the number of seconds from now() until the next Sunday at midnight?

I don't want the solution relative to a specific date, but just to the next Sunday.

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$seconds = strtotime('next Sunday') - time();
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You can use

print strtotime('next Sunday') - time();
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Try this:

function secs_until() {
  $now = time();
  $next = strtotime("next Sunday midnight");
  return $next - $now;
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It's as simple as:

strtotime('next Sunday') - time()
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$seconds = mktime(0,0,0, date("n"), date("j") + (7 - date("N")), date("Y")) - time();

That string will give you the diff in seconds from now to sunday morning at 12:00. You can adjust the first 3 arguments in mktime() to give you a variable time of day (say 8:45 AM)

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