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I have an app that I'm porting from PHP/symfony to Ruby/Rails. Though the language is changing, there is no need to modify the database (MySQL) in any way.

Because I already have my database defined, there's no reason for me to individually create a Rails model for each table and manually specify the attributes of each model. Given the size of my database, that would be ridiculous.

Because I don't need to individually create models, my schema.yml is blank. Because schema.yml is blank, running rake db:migrate will wipe out my database. (At least I think that's the reason. I could be wrong.)

Can anyone recommend a way of handling this situation where I have an existing database but I don't want to manually re-define every single table for Rails?

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Have you tried a rake db:dump ?

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That worked. Thank you! I found a little documentation here: – Jason Swett Jan 14 '11 at 15:54

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