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I have a requirement to return List of custom class(FeedMetaData) objects from a web service method. When I invoke this method from client, I am getting ClassCast Exception.

FeedMetaData is simple bean class with 3 fields of type String.

Below is the client code:

Bus bus = new CXFBusFactory().createBus();
JaxWsDynamicClientFactory dcf = JaxWsDynamicClientFactory.newInstance(bus);
Client client = dcf.createClient("");
Object[] results = client.invoke("getCommecialFeeds");
List<FeedMetaData> result = (List<FeedMetaData>)results[0];

I looked into the issue

but looks like it only works with list of only objects of java build in classes.

Anyone tried using list of objects of custom classes as return type from a cxf web service method.

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I came across the exact same issue. this post helped me out in overcoming the issue :

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Error establishing a database connection. – Pankaj Shinde Nov 11 '14 at 5:27

I am returning a collection of custom classes from my SOAP service.

I created a client with maven wsdl2java and It's working fine. wsdl2java created all those classes for me(including the custom class whose list is being returned).

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