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I have been creating a thin browser client (on java) that sends an RTMP stream to a specified red5 instance. I also use RTMP Researcher to monitor the traffic and events that occur between the client and the server.

Here is what I note: There is obviously a map with options that is being exchanged between the red5 instance and the client. You can see it here: alt text (direct link : http://img716.imageshack.us/img716/661/newbitmapimagelb.png )

What I am wondering about is is there a programmatic way to obtain this map in the client side and maybe change some of the parameters or just examine them


I am connecting like this

connect ( host, port, app, callback );

. I assume I am sending some default parameters along, because the other connect methods have also an optionsMap as an argument. I was wondering what are the possible values that could be put in such an optionsMap and where to obtain a list of them?

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Hey, I was also struggling with red5 and found this post. Download the red5 source and look inside this source file: src/org/red5/server/net/rtmp/BaseRTMPClientHandler.java

You should know that the connect() method has multiple signatures.

The following method in BaseRTMPClientHandler.java creates the default parameters:

public Map<String, Object> makeDefaultConnectionParams(String server, int port, String application) {
    Map<String, Object> params = new ObjectMap<String, Object>();
    params.put("app", application);
    params.put("objectEncoding", Integer.valueOf(0));
    params.put("fpad", Boolean.FALSE);
    params.put("flashVer", "WIN 9,0,115,0");
    params.put("audioCodecs", Integer.valueOf(1639));
    params.put("videoFunction", Integer.valueOf(1));
    params.put("pageUrl", null);
    params.put("path", application);
    params.put("capabilities", Integer.valueOf(15));
    params.put("swfUrl", null);
    params.put("videoCodecs", Integer.valueOf(252));
    return params;
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I know that, however, i have been wondering where the list of another valid options is and how to obtain it. For example, videoCodecs, 252 is SVC. What would h264 be, etc.. –  baba Mar 3 '11 at 8:22

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