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I have to implement a small graph library for my small Scala + JMonkey Engine game. Library will deal with shortest path caching for further queries. I will have to attach additional user data (like reference to another object) to my Vertexes and Edges. How to implement this behavior?

1. parameterized class class Graph[A, B] {...}, or
2. provide abstract class Graph {...} and implement user data variables later, or
3. provide abstract class Graph {...} and define type A inside the class?

Or maybe I'm missing something else?

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Here's a good article on this topic

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Thank you! That's what I was looking for. In my case, abstract types will be more concise as it's not a collection oriented structure. –  Tautrimas Pajarskas Jan 14 '11 at 16:44

There are also traits which are mix between interface and concrete implementation.

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