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I’m trying to reduce some editing time within some textfiles where there approximately are 10.000 lines of text, but I only need around 200 or some.

The text file relies on a almost specific pattern but it deviates from time to time but my “focus” in order to select the right line to keep is, that the line always starts with: z3455 and then have a variable afterwards, e.g.: z3455 http://url.com/data1/data1.1/data1.3/ (342kb)

I have an algorithm to capture the URL and its content but now I need some way to loop through the text file, deleting all lines except does that starts with z3455 and then “push” them together so they are listed underneath each other.

I’ve tried different approaches for this in PHP but can’t seem to find a correct function. I can “isolate” a specific line number but when it deviates I can’t use this approach fully.

I hope that someone can help me, either by providing the code or knocking me in the right direction to how I’ll solve this problem.

Thanks in advance

- Mestika

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Could you maybe show some things you've tried? Even if it's pseudo-code it will be better if we aren't unknowingly duplicating your work. –  XtSchon Jan 14 '11 at 16:54
It's common for a decent text editor program to let you use regular expressions to search/replace in files. You can even do it for all files in a directory, and have it go step by step so you can baby sit its actions. –  goat Jan 14 '11 at 17:05

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$in = fopen('file.txt', 'rb')
$out = fopen('filtered.txt', 'wb+')
while($line = fread($in)) {
    if (preg_match('/^z3455 http.*$/', $line)) {
         fwrite($out, $line);

Of course, if you're running this from the command line, you might as well just skip PHP and use grep, which'd be far more efficient:

$ grep '^z3455 http' file.txt > filtered.txt
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Hi Marc, thanks a lot for your help. I took your code and modified it a bit, then it worked like a charm. I hadn't considered using regular expressions (of some reason) but it of cause make great sense to do so. –  Mestika Jan 14 '11 at 18:05

This should do the trick. substr should be faster than regex here, especially on a big file.

foreach (file($file) as $line) {
    if (substr($line, 0, 5) != 'z3455') {
    // $line is now a line of text that starts with 'z3455.
    // Do with it whatever you need. If you want whatever comes
    // after z3455, you could then do $line = substr($line, 5);
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just first idea I had in my head (very basic & untested):

$filename = 'foo.txt';
$file = file($filename);
$matchedLines = array();

foreach($file as $line) {
  if(preg_match('/^z3455/', $line)) {
    $matchesLines[] = $line;
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