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I need to update a var at my code from a select form. I also want to sent a message to my server every time the var is updated. I first tryied to do:

def b = ajaxSelect(list,default, b => {v=b;FormServer ! Update();Noop})

The messages are being set, but my var isn't updated. I've seen some exemples saying that I should use SetValById instead:

def b = ajaxSelect(list,default, b => {SetValById("v","");FormServer ! Update();Noop})

But it also doesn't work. In fact, I just can't use SetValById, even with simpler examples:

def b = ajaxSelect(list,default, b => {SetValById("v","");})

Could anyone please help me?

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I've never used ajaxSelect, rather ajaxSelectObj, and this work for me

def b = SHtml.ajaxSelectObj[String](list, default, onSelect _)


private def onSelect(value:String) : JsCmd = {

Maybe you've got an issue of name collision; using b might confuse the compiler ?

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