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For a web development project, I have the following branches:

  • trunk : the main branch, where all new feature end up merged
  • deploy : the branch with server-specific deployment settings

At every deployment the trunk branch is merged into the deploy branch, integrating latest developments into deployment.

The issue is that during the last deployment, I did, while on the deploy branch

git rebase origin/trunk

instead of

git merge origin/trunk

Now i'm trying to do a new deployment and to do the merge but it all goes hell, and conflicts can't seem to resolve.

Any idea how I could clean up my deploy branch?

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You'll have to undo the rebase on your deploy branch.

Find where the rebase happened:

git checkout deploy
git reflog

Then reset using the found reference:

git reset --hard HEAD@{N}

Be aware this will undo all the work you did in the deploy branch after the reference.

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git reflog does not work in this case, since everyhing has been pushed to origin already. I think of 1. finding out the last merge, 2. 'git reset --hard ...' on it, 3. git merge origin/trunk on deploy branch. Would it make sense? –  Benoît Pointet Jan 15 '11 at 8:15
@Electrogramme: did you push deploy to origin? If yes, reset as I said and push again using --force. This way you'll overwrite origin. Let me know how it goes. IMPORTANT: Be sure to backup everything first, so you don't lose your work if something goes wrong. –  jweyrich Jan 15 '11 at 17:08

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