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I have created approval workflow in SPD 2007.

Step 1) User submit the form --> Workflow setup on create a new item on Request Form Step 2) Workflow kickoff and create a tasks and assign to various teams. Step 3) User fillout the feedback on assigned task and submit

Requirement. : When User submit the form then form generate it's own ID (interanl id). Workflow generate the new tasks then it assign interal ID to each tasks.

In Task list. I would like to add column that represent the Original Request ID from Request Form. So, in my report, I can show which requests are pending or so..


Customer Requests List

Request ID Customer Name Customer Phone# etc.... 222 ABC Company 111-222-3333

Workflow Tasks

Request ID Title Assigned To Status 222 Approval to add new customer John Smith Pending

I would like to populate Request ID column in TASK from Customer Request List [ Column ID ] without writing code. Is it possible ?

Something link this...

Task List ID Assign To Link Request ID 1 Sales ABC (Hyperlink) 100 2 Marketing ABC (Hyperlink) 100 3 Audit ABC (Hyperlink) 100

I would apprecaite your help.

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It sounds like you already answered your own question. In your workflow, add another step to update each task's RequestID field to be Current Item -> ID.

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Actually, problem is in SPD when I create a workflow on Request List --> When new iteam created ... I don't have access to TASK list field ( Request ID) . How can I update the request ID in the task list ? – CsharpGuru Jan 14 '11 at 22:01
Aren't you creating the tasks from within your workflow? – Kit Menke Jan 14 '11 at 22:08
Hi Kit, Yes I am creating task using workflow. 1) Workflow setup on Create item on Approval Form. 2) When someone submit the form, workflow kicksoff and create a tasks under the task list. Example Request Form ID Summary Details 100 ABC Test Task List ID Assign To Link 1 Sales ABC (Hyperlink) 2 Marketing ABC (Hyperlink) 3 Audit ABC (Hyperlink) I would like know if I can get the ID (100) from Request Form inside the Task List Task List ID Assign To Link Request ID 1 Sales ABC (Hyperlink) 100 – CsharpGuru Jan 17 '11 at 18:05
Sorry I should have been more specific... are you using the "Create List Item" workflow action? – Kit Menke Jan 17 '11 at 19:50
Kit, I am using Sharepoint Desinger --> Workflow Actions --> "Assign a Form to a Group" --> When someone submit the new form this workflow kicksoff and create a tasks under the Task list and assign to various teams. – CsharpGuru Jan 17 '11 at 21:13

If i have understood you correctly (which i may not have so apologies in advanced if so) you could do this:

  • Create The Task List in the TASK LIST B with a lookup field (linked to TASK LIST A) in the task that you set to the ID of the the current item
  • When you have created the item you will get the ID in a variable of the list item you have created - set a lookup field (linked to TASK LIST B) in TASK LIST A to the 'create' variable from creating the TASK LIST B item

This will give you a link between each task list item within the task list item (because of the lookup fields' functionality) and you will have made a link between the two...

Hope this makes sense and helps out in some way...

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