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I'm using Bozho solution to create a session attribute annotation under Spring mvc.
I've a problem when the object is not in the session and I've something like

@SessionAttribute(required = false) MyFormObject myFormObject

The annotation is defined as

public @interface SessionAttribute {
    String value() default "";
    boolean required() default true;
    String defaultValue() default ValueConstants.DEFAULT_NONE;

I get an exception since defaultValue() returns a String and my custom ArgumentResolver tries to assign this String to MyFormObject.

How can I instruct Spring to assign null to myFormObject instead of ValueConstants.DEFAULT_NONE?

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Can't you simple modify the custom WebArgumentResolver to return null instead of defaultValue when attribute is not found?

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yes sorry stupid question on friday evening :) thanks – mickthompson Jan 14 '11 at 17:19

the defaultValue can be the username of the user, which you can find by injecting a dao into the resolver. But having a default user doesn't make much sense anyway, so just return null

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