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How can I query the Data Space of a group of tables in a Database?

for example:

Suppose that a SQL Server database has this tables: Productsl, PRMDiscounts, PRMCities

I want to know the sum of the Data Spaces for PRMDiscounts and PRMCities


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There is no thing as data space in sql servers, this will give you the space that the table is using including free space and index space

EXEC sp_spaceused 'PRMDiscounts'
EXEC sp_spaceused 'PRMCities'


EXEC sp_spaceused 'master..spt_values'

name        rows        reserved    data    index_size  unused
spt_values  2346        336 KB      128 KB  144 KB      64 KB
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With Data Space I was referring to the field seen when doing right-click on a table -> Properties -> Storage in SqlServer Management Studio – JPCF Jan 14 '11 at 18:48
There is such a thing as data space in SQL Server. No idea if that terminology is new or not though. – Martin Smith Jan 17 '11 at 23:10

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