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Assume that I have an application with the following structure:

(1) ViewModelA

(2) ReportManager

(3) ViewA

So - first, let me get the obvious out of the way. ViewA binds to ViewModelA.

Now for the not so obvious. ViewModelA has a singleton instance of ReportManager injected into it's constructor. ViewModelA exposes a public read-only property called SomeReport. The getter for this property points to a property from the singleton instance of the ReportManager. Consider the following example below:

    public ISomeViewModel SomeReport
        get { return _reportManager.SomeReport; }

In ViewA, I have a ContentPresenter whose content property binds to the SomeReport property in ViewModelA - and because the SomeReport property in ViewModelA is read-only, I have set the binding up as OneWay.

Any and all changes made to the SomeReport property are made from within the ReportManager class - thus, this property has a private setter. The problem that I am running into is that the ContentPresenter in ViewA is not registering changes made to the SomeReport property.

Any help on what I am potentially doing incorrectly would be appreciated.


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You can implement INotifyPropertyChanged on your ViewModel then signal that SomeReport has changed by calling NotifyPropertyChanged.

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