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I just switched from 1.2 to trunk (r15175 at this writing) to play with contrib.staticfiles, and now when using the local devserver all my admin media returns a 404. The static media (as managed by the new contrib app) all work as expected, but I'd like to be able to use the admin with the dev server so that I don't have to restart a local apache instance when dev code changes.

Is this known behaviour? I haven't gotten a response in IRC.

edit: Seems related to: Admin media disappear while running django trunk in development mode., but there didn't seem to be an actual answer there.

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I was having the same problem, finally noticed this line in the docs for ADMIN_MEDIA_PREFIX:

For integration with staticfiles, this should be the same as STATIC_URL followed by 'admin/'.

Doing that fixed it for me.

Edit 2012-03-12: Note that as of Django 1.4, ADMIN_MEDIA_PREFIX has been deprecated.

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Are you developing on Windows?

If so (or even if not) have a look at the Django bug Cannot load admin interface static files when doing tutorial. Could be the cause of your problems.

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