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I have div'd up the Occasion and Project Type sections in my right side bar. I want them to stand side-by-side. Previously, I tried using tables to acheive this but was recommended against such practice. Is it possible to attain this? If anyone could help guide me through this, I'd really appreciate it. I had this made for me and need to edit the code to meet my new needs. is the website

I want it to look like this: alt text

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Honestly, your site looks better in its current state. The right sidebar is pretty narrow, so stacking the "Occasion" and "Project Type" lists side-by-side will force line-breaks within the text-links, ie text-links that are too wide for the column will extend to the line below. The alternative would be to reduce the text-size, but doing so will make it harder to read.

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I did think about leaving it, but I mainly want people to be able to see more content in the right bar upon first accessing the site. – TopChef Jan 14 '11 at 19:11

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