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i want to generate an excel report on client users on my network/ intranet. i was hoping to have a desktop app using c# to connect to SQL server and manipulate the data then bind it to excel. some formatting would go on here as well.

i dont think this is possible so long story short i want a method for getting a custom excel report to users on my network that pulls from a sql server and can be linked to from the intranet as well as being able to deploy once to all users.

any thoughts?

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One approach would be to create Excel 2007 XML files using the (free) microsoft excel SDK. This supports all of the excel functionality including formulas and formatting:

You should also be able to open these files in excel 2000 or later if you install the compatibility pack for office 2007 (again free)

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Have you considered using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)? This would allow you to put a web based report in a central location and it also provides ways to export to excel.

Take a look at this link:

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in ssrs can you control minute details of layout like merging cells, having text vertical in some cells, various background color for some cells depending on its value? – kacalapy Jan 14 '11 at 19:23

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