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Hey all, I have a file that contains a mish-mash of cities, states, and zip codes. Example:

Munson 11010 Shelter Island Heights. . . .. 11965 Brentwood 11717 Halesite 11743

I need to grab all of the zip codes out of that text. They are only 5 digit (no 5+4), and there are no other numbers besides the zips. It seems like a pretty straightforward regex thing, but I have no idea at all how to make the expression.

I know some PHP so that's my preferred language, if possible. Ideally I'd like it to display the output 1-zip-per-line so that I can copy/paste into something like Excel.

Thanks for any help!

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The following code should send you in the right direction:

$str = 'Munson 11010 Shelter Island Heights. . . .. 11965 Brentwood 11717 Halesite 11743 ';

preg_match_all("/\d{5}/", $str, $matches);

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Great! Thanks so much -- here's what I ended up using:

preg_match_all("/\d{5}/", $input, $matches);

foreach($matches[0] as $zip){
    echo $zip.'<br/>';
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preg_match_all('[^0-9]([0-9]{5})[^0-9]', $input, $out);
foreach($out as $val)
    echo $val[1] . "\n";
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You're a brave one for venturing into PHP again after all those years.... :-P – Chris Jester-Young Jan 22 '09 at 15:21
According to the OP, there's no need to bracket the regex, but if I were doing it I would use word boundaries -- '/\b\d{5}\b/' -- or -- lookarounds -- '/(?<!\d)\d{5}(?!\d)/'. Also, you forgot the regex delimiters (ie, the forward-slashes in my regexes). – Alan Moore Feb 9 '09 at 12:31

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