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How can I set the text color to black for a TTLauncherItem from the Three20 library? I have seen that the style property is NSString.

I'm trying to assign something like this:

TTTextStyle *aux = [TTTextStyle styleWithFont:[UIFont boldSystemFontOfSize:12] color:RGBCOLOR(80, 80, 80) minimumFontSize:12 shadowColor:nil shadowOffset:CGSizeZero next:nil];

I have seen that there are some examples with subclassing a style and overriding it for a button but isn't there any easier solution like just assigning a style/color that I want to a TTLauncherItem?

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Please see the following tutorial on implementing TTStyleSheet properly:

Three20 Stylesheets iPhone Tutorial

Also see the following SO answer as well:

How to change the color of the title in TTLauncherItem?

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