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For my app I use a sunriseCalc-lib. This lib calculates the sunrise-time and returns a string like this 12:20. Is it possible to check if the current time is later than the sunrise time? I have the following code:

        Location location = new Location("52.3496752", "4.6211921");
        DateFormat newDateFormat = new SimpleDateFormat("HH:mm");
        SunriseSunsetCalculator calculator = new SunriseSunsetCalculator(location, "Europe/Berlin");
        Calendar date = Calendar.getInstance();

        Date dawn = newDateFormat.parse(calculator.getOfficialSunriseForDate(date));
        Date dusk = newDateFormat.parse(calculator.getOfficialSunsetForDate(date));
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oops, sunrise @ 12:20! –  Nishant Jan 14 '11 at 20:21

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If you have Date objects already just use the before() and after() methods on those objects.

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