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I am planning to create a site that provides several games for self written game-agents.

There will be a Tic-Tac-Toe for example (and some more complex games of course). Programmers can register their agents and from time to time there will be a tournament. The gameserver will contact the registered agents, present the board and ask for a move.

My basic problem is: What would be a good way for the gameserver to communicate with the agents?

  • No communication: A special script language for the agents that can be submitted and interpreted on the server itself. This avoids the problem altogether, but it would be more fun if everyone could use his favorite language.
  • REST: This is a bit sparse in one direction.
  • SOAP?
  • REST with POST?
  • ???

What connection-method would you like, if you would participate in such a game?

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Thank you all very much. Very good suggestions that help me get going. –  Skaldrom Y. Sarg Jan 23 '09 at 7:34

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I'd use a form of REST supported by sever state, SOAP is too inhuman. If you use REST people can even make bots with cUrl, so you'll have the widest audience

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I had great success using Twisted and developing my own application protocol built off of that.

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I would use a private protocol, that leaves you the option to implement server and clients in different languages. You can add your favorite encryption mode as well.

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The scripting language would definitely be the easiest thing to write on your end. Personally, as long as you specify the protocol exactly on the site, and give an example of formatting the messages, any person scripting should be able to use whatever format you choose.

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Plain old TCP with a set of custom commands for your game?

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For Go, there is already the existing Go Text Protocol. I would use similar protocols for other games.

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