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I am using a legacy STA COM object in a C# windows service that runs as an MTA thread. In order to use this COM object I created it in an STA thread which seems to work. Upon further investigation I understand that this STA thread needs a message loop. I don't have a message loop and I am not marshaling the method calls onto the STA thread but it seems to work.

I am going to make changes to add the SynchronizationContext functionality in order to marshal the method calls onto the STA thread. If I marshal the method calls onto the STA thread that contains the COM object or Interop, do I still need to provide a message pump?

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You can only get a SychronizationContext working if you use a message loop. Since you need one anyway, just let COM take care of it. –  Hans Passant Jan 14 '11 at 21:17

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