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Wich is the best way for supporting multilanguage site in smarty template?
I have read and and now
I can't make a decision wich option I will to use.
Are there other options?

Thank's .

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Someone might find this interesting. Basically lang variable to get the current language and loads a file via config_load. Both are basically the same, just that your first link has all the functions needed packed into a small module.

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I use a $_get['lang'] to get the language to be used. In the template, for every pages I get 2 ifs, one if EN another if FR and I generate the code accordingly.

The header footer and meta data comes from database and based on the language, the row required by the language will be fetched.

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I read language from cookies and set/change it with http request. Based on the languge used, I just change field names (in php) to query from database (including all strings on page - they are stored for each language in different fields - I know that this is not very scalable, but will be enough for this kind of sites). Additionally I set one smarty variable to language code and when needed (rarely, because strings are already localised), I use smarty {if $language ...} structures to change output.

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