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Could any one throw some light on the following jsf component libraries to be used in Liferay portlet development which supports Inter Portlet Communication (IPC), Ajax Push Support and JSF - Portlet bridge, community support etc., for Primefaces, Richfaces, Icefaces and Myfaces.


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From my own experience I have to agree with what doc_180 says, among the frameworks you mention ICEFaces is definitely the best choice, but stick to new 2.0+ version as it has many improvements.

A lot can off course also be done by using the same stack as Liferay itself uses in the 6+ version: Struts/MVC-portlet + AlloyUI

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Finally we have decided to use Icefaces 2.0 EE. Thank you! –  vel22k Apr 21 '11 at 17:42

ICEFaces works like a charm with liferay. Especially with ajax push support, its a very good choice.

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