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I'm trying to authenticate before using ajax to insert into a database

$('#button').click(function () {       
  $.post('/db/', { 
   stuff: { "foo" : "bar"}
  }, callback, "json");

Here's my node.js code:

server.get('/', function(req,res){
  res.render('index.ejs', {
    locals : { 
              header: '#Header#'
             ,footer: '#Footer#'
             ,title : 'Page Title'
             ,description: 'Page Description'
             ,author: 'Your Name'
             ,analyticssiteid: 'XXXXXXX' 

^^ this part works ok. It comes from a boilerplate, I can go to localhost and see the front page.

This next part is supposed to be where the mongo insert happens. This gives me a 404.

server.on('/db/', function(req,res){
    var db = new mongo.Db( 'dbname' , new mongo.Server( 'localhost', 20003, {}), {}); (err) {
        db.collection('testCollection', function (err, collection) {

What I'm trying to do is insert the object stuff into testCollection.

Right now I'm getting a 404 on /db/

I'm sure this is very wrong. I don't think I'm supposed to use server.on, server.get doesn't work either. Please advise, thanks.

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You have to use, since you're doing a POST request via jQuery.

server.on will add a event listener to the server, in this case for the non-existent /db/ event, which never gets triggered by anything.

Please take your time and make sure to read the express.js Guide, the Node.js API Docs might come in handy too.

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you also should be authenticating the db connect and shouldn't be reconnecting to the db on each request

var db = new mongo.Db( 'dbname' , new mongo.Server( 'localhost', 20003, {}), {});
db.authenticate(user, password, function({ // callback }));'/db/', function(req,res){ (err) {
    db.collection('testCollection', function (err, collection) {
      collection.insert(. . .);
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I think there's a typo in the authenticate function? –  expressnoob Jan 14 '11 at 22:59
Thanks I've moved the new mongo.db outside of the request callback, but i can't get the authenticate function outside and have it still work. –  expressnoob Jan 14 '11 at 23:43

Since you're expecting a post, your /db/ handler should be defined in a method. You're getting a 404 because the server doesn't have a route defined for the combination of POST and /db/.

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