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I'm using an MAAttachedWindow to display a custom window under a NSStatusItem in the Menubar. Everything works fine, but I can't find an easy way to hide it when the user clicks outside of the window. I want to implement this behavior because it's what the user expects.

This is the code used to display the MAAttachedWindow:

- (void)toggleAttachedWindowAtPoint:(NSPoint)pt {
    if (!self.attachedWindow) {  
        self.attachedWindow = [[MAAttachedWindow alloc] initWithView:logView

  [self.attachedWindow setLevel:kCGMaximumWindowLevel];

  [self.attachedWindow makeKeyAndOrderFront:self];
  [self.attachedWindow orderOut];

This code gets triggered by an NSStatusItem with a custom view which intercepts a click on it.

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You should be able to do this via the window's delegate method:

- (void)windowDidResignKey:(NSNotification *)notification

Set yourself as the window's delegate, and implement that to call through to your toggle method.

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Thanks, didn't know this method exists. – The-Kenny Jan 15 '11 at 15:39

This is based on Carter Allen answer, but maybe will be helpfull to someone as i lost couple of hours trying to figure out the reason behind an EXEC_BAD_ACCESS, in short you can't release the attachedWindow inside his windowDidResignKey notification, so use autorelease:

- (void)windowDidResignKey:(NSNotification *)aNotification {
    NSLog(@"MainWinDelegate::windowDidResignKey: %@", [aNotification object]);

    if (fAttachedWindow && [aNotification object] == fAttachedWindow) {
        [window removeChildWindow:fAttachedWindow];
        [fAttachedWindow orderOut:self];
        [fAttachedWindow autorelease];
        fAttachedWindow = nil;
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