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I have started to use zlib 1.2.5 and I do not see any routine to extract from a zip file? I read about a minizip application, part of the distribution.

Is that how it is supposed to be done?

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Yes, it does it well. (But if ever you don't like C code, you should look at 7-zip SDK that have code in C++ and C#.)

  • All the functions to browse and uncompress the files from an zip archive are in: unzip.h
  • All the functions compress and add files to a zip archive are in: zip.h

(look at contrib\minizip\unzip.h and contrib\minizip\zip.h)

for example decompressing: the unzOpen() functions of your zip file returns a unzFile

then use unzGoToFirstFile() and unzGoToNextFile() on this unzFile to browse through all files in the archive.

then you get the file info for each files with unzGetCurrentFileInfo(), namely for its size,

surely you should call unzOpenCurrentFile() at some moment.

and call unzReadCurrentFile() using the size from fileinfo, retrieving the binary content of the archived file.

optionnally, there is an opaque structure you can provide so as to use your own i/o function, but obviously there is a default win32 implementation for file access, so you could even not worry about that.

PS: and dont forget to call unzCloseCurrentFile()

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Ok, I found the functions and I am using miniunzip to test with. I created a file c:\ with 7zip. It contains one file. I run miniunzip -x c:\ -d c:\reza and and unzOpen2_64 fails. I am running this on Windows. Any thoughts on why this is the case? – reza Jan 15 '11 at 0:44

From: : 11. Can zlib handle .zip archives?

Not by itself, no. See the directory contrib/minizip in the zlib distribution.

There's not a tutorial there but the minizip zip.c source is exactly for IO (so presumably compression and decompression) on zip files using zlib.

And still no tutorial BUT gives more details.

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I have built a wrapper around minizip adding some features that I needed and making it nicer to use it. Is does use the latest c++11 and is developed using Visual Studio 2013 (should be portable, but I haven't tested it on unix)

There's a full description here:

you can zip entire folders, streams, vectors, etc. Also a nice feature is doing everything entirely in memory.

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