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Here is my sample xml:

<rss version='2.0' xmlns:media='http://search.yahoo.com/mrss/'> 
    <title>Title of RSS feed</title> 
    <description>Details about the feed</description> 
      <media:content url='http://LINK' type='' xmlns:media='http://search.yahoo.com/mrss' />

My Code:

XElement rss = XElement.Parse(xml);
XNamespace media = "http://search.yahoo.com/mrss/";

var item = rss.Element("channel").Elements("item").First();
var mediaa = item.Element(media + "content"); //this part doesn't work as expected
var url = mediaa.Attribute("url");

it seems as if the "xmlns:media='http://search.yahoo.com/mrss'" part of the media:content tag is breaking the .Element(media + "content"). (I can not change the feed)

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Wrong namespace. There's no "/" at the end.

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Thanks, that did it. –  Faleij Jan 15 '11 at 1:29

This should work:

XNamespace media = XNamespace.Get("http://search.yahoo.com/mrss/");

Also note that you have to fix it in the media:content element as well, it should say

  <media:content url='http://LINK' type='' xmlns:media='http://search.yahoo.com/mrss/'/>
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Should that be

XNamespace media = "{http://search.yahoo.com/mrss/}";

ie with curly braces?

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-1: no, no curly brackets. –  John Saunders Jan 15 '11 at 1:23
No, that doesnt help, as I said the xmlns:media part breaks the Element(media + "content"). (it works if the xml doesnt contain xmlns:media in the media:content tag) –  Faleij Jan 15 '11 at 1:25

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