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i have a string like "asdfHRbySFss" and i want to go through one char at a time and see which letters are capitalized, is this possible in python?

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Use string.isupper()

letters = "asdfHRbySFss"
uppers = [l for l in letters if l.isupper()]

if you want to bring that back into a string you can do:

print "".join(uppers)
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perfect, that was it thank you! – clayton33 Jan 15 '11 at 1:39

Another, more compact, way to do sdolan's solution in Python 2.7+

>>> test = "asdfGhjkl"
>>> print "upper" if any(map(str.isupper, test)) else "lower"
>>> test = "asdfghjkl"
>>> print "upper" if any(map(str.isupper, test)) else "lower"
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Use string.isupper() with filter()

>>> letters = "asdfHRbySFss"
>>> def isCap(x) : return x.isupper()
>>> filter(isCap, myStr)
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m = []
def count_capitals(x):
  for i in x:
      if i.isupper():
  n = len(m)

This is another way you can do with lists, if you want the caps back, just remove the len()

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