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I want to group items together based on the year. It would be displayed in a table like

   -item 1 
   -item 2 
   -item 3
   -item 4
   -item 5 
   -item 6

How would i do this using php and mysql?

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Your question is so broad that I'm not sure how much detail you need in the answer. Can you be a little more specific? –  Ryan Ballantyne Jan 15 '11 at 3:26

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you could put each database row into an associative array, with the year as the key, then iterate the array to construct your list

  $yearItems = array();
  while ($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result)) {
    $yearItems[$row['year']][] = $row;

  foreach($yearItems as $year=>$items)
    echo $year;

    echo "<ul>";
    foreach($items as $item)
      echo "<li>$item</li>";
    echo "</ul>";
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SELECT year(datefield) as year, name_of_item
FROM yourtable
ORDER BY year, name_of_item

would be the basic query structure, then

$first = true;
$previous_year = null;

echo "<ul>";
while($row = mysql_fetch(...)) {
    if ($previous_year != $row['year']) {
       ... got a new year, start a new list
       if (!$first) {
            echo "</ul>";
       $first = false
       $previous_year = $row['year']
    echo "<li>", $row['name_of_item'], "</li>"
echo "</ul>"
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