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PHP Question: How to fix these if/elseif statements

Hello is there a way to write if/ elseif statements to display multiple php pages using require statements. I am currently collecting articles from blogs using rss and displaying the links on a web page. How can I display a certain feed depending on an array value selected from a mysql database. Sorry this is a lot, hope I explained my question well. Here is the code on the display page:

$query = "SELECT interests FROM signup WHERE username = '$username'";
$result = mysql_query($query) or die ("no query");

$result_array = array();
while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result))
$result_array[] = $row['interests'];
} if ($result_array[0] = Politics) {
require 'politics.php';
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You have a single = and Politics isn't quoted. Change you last few lines to look like this:

if ($result_array[0] == 'Politics') {
  require 'politics.php';

Also, as a side note, you should be sure to correctly escape the $username in your query variable to prevent SQL injection attacks.

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Your if statement is not using comparative equal signs or quotes. It should be as follows:

if ($result_array[0] == 'Politics')
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Smells somewhat of a bad design. You'd be better off storing users in a user table, their interests in a seperate table, and the master list of interests in a 3rd table.

user: (id, name, etc...)
user_interests (user_id, interest_id)
interests (id, name, filename)

Then you could trivially do something like:

SELECT interests.filename,
FROM interests
RIGHT JOIN user_interests ON = user_interests.interest_id


while($row = msyql_fetch... ) {
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