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I've been looking at a number of JDBC connection pools, but I have the specific requirement that the pool needs to be JTA aware, which leaves me with a short list of Apache DBCP and OW2 XAPool. The other pools I looked (c3p0, Proxool, BoneCP) at did not appear to satisfy the JTA requirement.

Does anyone have a recommendation about either XAPool, DBCP, or a connection pool I have not mentioned here?

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Some standalone transaction managers like Atomikos or Bitronix have their own integrated connection pool. Such a pool is JTA compliant and would solve your problem.

Recently I was facing the same problem and finally I ended up with Bitronix and its integrated connection pool. It works well.

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Ended up trying Atomikos with an integrated pool. The reason for the question was I was trying to find a pool that would work with JbossTS. – Dev Jan 1 '12 at 2:33

If timelines permit and there's this requirement, I can add JTA support to BoneCP if you want.

Wallace (BoneCP author)

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One vote for that requirement in BoneCP: We use BasicManagedDataSource now (dbcp) that is buggy and and nobody seems to take care about the contributed patches. – Balazs Zsoldos Nov 26 '13 at 13:55

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