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I have a table with a DataTimeField. I'd like to get a list of all the objects where the DateTimeField = a specific day (ignoring the time part).

The SQL would look something like:

select * from tblname where date(start)='2011-01-14'

Is it possible to get the ORM to do this kind of query?

I can do a start__range(...) kind of query, but I was wondering if I could do it the other way.

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From the QuerySet API reference:


This works for Dates and DateTimes.

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MyModel.object.filter(start__year=2011, start__month=01, start__day=14)

the problem with this query is that if your DB dont suport index with functions (Hello MySQL) you have an inneficient query.

One alternative can be that you add a new field start_date = models.DateField(...) and overload your save(...) method to set the field correctly, or if you are more a database side dev, use a trigger for the same function, after this, you can do:

MyModel.object.filter(start_date=date(2011, 1, 13))
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I think you mean single equals sign in your first code example. – Nick Presta Jan 26 '11 at 2:51
yep corrected, thx Nick – Black Hand Jan 28 '11 at 15:38

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