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I am trying to make a attached flash animation CBT in HTML5 using XML, Jquery and css. Can anyone help me out how to make this in HTML without using flash animation/video. Also want to use same control like (next, back, volume, play, pause, replete, slide 1 of 14 etc.)

Also please suggest some demo and example of CBT/E-learning in HTML5.

alt text

Thanks a lot. I am new to HTML5 and jquery.

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The image doesn't really tell us anything about what animation you're trying to do. If it's just a slide, no problem, but if that lady is supposed to start dancing or something...well, that's a whole other thing. – Brandon Joyce Jan 15 '11 at 12:46

This may be a bit late, but I think Phyzixlabs software offers exactly what you're looking for... You can see examples of html5 applets from here:

Hope that helps.

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jquery slideshow plugins should give you some headstart

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