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In my Rails 3 app, I have a form that asks users to write a note. For example, the text the user inputs might be

@note = "This is a note\n\nwith whitespace."

How do I make this actually render as

This is a note

with whitespace.

when I display the note in my view? (I'm looking for a general solution, not one that simply replaces \n with <br /> or such.)

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What about using the <pre> tag – Moak Jan 15 '11 at 6:23
what about <%= @note.html_safe %> ? – Syed Aslam Jan 15 '11 at 9:22
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Go with the <pre> tag as @Moak suggests

Use CSS for line wrapping:

pre {
  white-space: -moz-pre-wrap; /* Mozilla, supported since 1999 */
  white-space: -pre-wrap; /* Opera 4 - 6 */
  white-space: -o-pre-wrap; /* Opera 7 */
  white-space: pre-wrap; /* CSS3 
  word-wrap: break-word; /* IE 5.5+ */
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If the user types in a really long sentence, how would I get this to automatically wrap to the next line if I use the <pre> tag? – grautur Jan 16 '11 at 22:47
Nevermind, found the CSS here! Thanks! – grautur Jan 16 '11 at 22:50

In your view, either:

<pre><%= @note %></pre>


<%= @note.gsub(/\n/, '<br />') %>
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