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I created a UDP server. Here's a skeleton

public class UDPserver {
      public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception{
              .... some code ...
              packet = new DatagramPacket ( data , data.length, packet.getAddress(), packet.getPort() );
              .... some code ...
              socket.receive( ... );

Now, i want to make it handle multiple requests, so i checked out that i have to implement Runnable.

public class UDPserver implements Runnable { }

I read that I also need to have a run(). But i don't understand run(). should i put the whole while(true) statement inside run()? what about main()? Can anyone show how to change my code above to handle multiple requests? thanks

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move all the code inside the run method of UDPServer (including the while(true))

In your main method :

UDPServer udpServer = new UDPServer();

  • To make sure that no excpetion won't break your main loop, remember to catch and handle all exceptions that might be rasied inside the while(true) loop
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You can also use new thread for each new connection for performing. For example:

 class PacketPerforming extends Thread {
 DatagramPacket pak; 
 PacketPerforming(DatagramPacket pak) {
  this.pak = pak;

 public void run() {
  // do somethoing with pak


 // in your server thread
 while (true) { // i prefered wirte for (;;)

  DatagramPacket pak; // take pak object form remote socket

  PacketPerforming perform = new PacketPerforming(pak);

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