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In my Qt project i have some files that should be located in drectory located against with executable(it should be in filesystem, I cannot place it into resources). The question is: can I manage these files to be copied into correct location on app build within .pro file? What is the best approach for managing stuff like that? inb4: I could use QMAKE_POST_LINK to run shell scripts to manage this. This is no good solution, since I have to build my app both for linux and windows.

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You should write an installer for this. –  ismail Jan 15 '11 at 10:01

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QMake really does have a features that you can use to copy files when application is builded. Unfortunatedly information how it is use seems to be quite hard to find.

While digging I actually found this one: Other Topic on issue

So ripped example from there:

images.path    = $${DESTDIR}/images
images.files   += images/splashscreen.png
images.files   += images/logo.png
INSTALLS       += images

This should also work in all OS's directly.

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