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I'm building a conditions hash to run a query but I'm having a problem with one specific case: conditions2 = ['extract(year from signature_date) = ?', params[:year].to_i] unless params[:year].blank?

conditions[:country_id] = COUNTRIES.select{|c| c.geography_id == params[:geographies]} unless params[:geographies].blank?
conditions[:category_id] = CATEGORY_CHILDREN[params[:categories].to_i] unless params[:categories].blank?
conditions[:country_id] = params[:countries] unless params[:countries].blank?
conditions['extract(year from signature_date)'] = params[:year].to_i unless params[:year].blank?

But the last line breaks everything, as it gets interpreted as follows:

AND ("negotiations"."extract(year from signature_date)" = 2010

Is there a way to avoid that "negotiations"." is prepended to my condition?

thank you, P.

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For something like this, you'll probably have to write your own SQL with find_by_sql. Still wrap it in a method in your model so your model's friends can access it nicely.

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I guess that's the only way indeed. Thank you –  Pierre Jan 15 '11 at 8:37

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