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I'm trying to find the index of a row in a table. I'm trying to use the following code, but I seem to get an index of -1.

    $("tr").click(function (){
    	var index = $("table").index($(this));
    	$("span").text("That was row index #" + index);

With html that looks like this;



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Have you tried:


The documentation shows just passing this and that the preceding selection should be where the node is found. If you need to find it in a specific table (and there are multiple), you may need to provide some context:

// haven't tested this
$("tr", $(this).closest("table")).index(this) 
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Thanks, that's very helpful. –  ilivewithian Jan 23 '09 at 8:41


var index = $("table tr").index($(this));

The documentation for index() says:

Searches every matched element for the object and returns the index of the element, if found, starting with zero. If a jQuery object is passed, only the first element is checked.

You need to call the index() on a collection of <tr> elements, not the parent <table>.

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Based on Robs answer to find index in specific table, this worked for me.

var index = $('tr', $(this).closest("table")).index(this);
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