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Yeah, this ugly question again. I'm writing some HTML that gets inserted into a page. I have no control over the rest of the page. The structure is something like:

  <td rowspan="2">left column</td>
  <td height="1">top row above content</td>
 <tr><td height="220">my content here</td></tr>

I can write whatever I want into that table cell (including style tags to pack in my CSS), but I can't touch anything outside of it, which means I can't set the height of any parent element (including html and body), add a doctype (it has none), etc - that already kills just about every solution I can find (all seem to be "add a doctype" and/or "give the parent container a fixed height").

What I want to do is simply have a <div> fill the entire cell. Width is no problem but unsurprisingly height is being a massive pain. Writing "height: 100%" doesn't do anything unless the container has a fixed height (the height="220" attribute apparently doesn't count) or the div uses absolute positioning - and then it seems to want to use 100% of the window's height (and width even) instead of the cell's.

The root of the problem is the left column varies in height, as does the content, and when the left column cell is larger than the content, it won't expand to fill the cell it's in. If I set a fixed height for the content, it'll be much larger than necessary most of the time, and if I don't, it doesn't take up all of the cell and leaves an ugly gap at the bottom.

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In which browser doesn't height: 100% work? I tried FF 3.6, Opera 11, IE8 and Chrome 8, and they all happily fill the entire height of the td ( ). – Frode Jan 15 '11 at 14:02
This shows the problem (copied from above example and added some attributes from the actual page): In both Firefox and Opera the blue box doesn't occupy its entire container because the large red box expands it. – Rena Jan 16 '11 at 5:08

Have you considered an iframe? seems to me you could set the parameters of the iframe inside a table cell, div, whatever...the frame usually doesn't care where it is.

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