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Active record is a neet concept but sometimes I find it difficult to get more complicated queries to work. I find this is at least one place the CI docs are lacking.

Anyway, This is the sql I wrote. It returns the expected results of quests not yet completed by the user that are unlocked and within the users level requirements:

SELECT writing_quests . * 
FROM  `writing_quests` 
LEFT OUTER JOIN members_quests_completed ON members_quests_completed.quest_id = writing_quests.id
LEFT OUTER JOIN members ON members.id = $user_id
WHERE writing_quests.unlocked =1
AND writing_quests.level_required <= $userlevel
AND members_quests_completed.user_id IS NULL 

This is the codeigniter active record query, it returns all quests that are unlocked and within the users level requirement:

$this->db->join('members_quests_completed', 'members_quests_completed.quest_id = writing_quests.id', 'left outer');
$this->db->join('members', "members.id = $user_id", 'left outer');
$this->db->where('writing_quests.unlock', 1);
$this->db->where('writing_quests.level_required <=', $userlevel);   
$this->db->where('members_quests_completed.user_id is null', null, true);

I'm guessing there is something wrong with the way I am asking for Nulls. To be thorough, I figured I'd include everything.

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what do you mean there is something wrong? – ifaour Jan 15 '11 at 11:00
The queries return different results. – JoeM05 Jan 17 '11 at 17:53

I agree that sometimes CI active record can overcomplicate things. Try this for your IS NULL where clause:

$this->db->where('members_quests_completed.user_id IS ','NULL',false);

Try also to enable the profiler or echo the generated query with:

echo $this->db->last_query();

That might shed some light on what the issue is.

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why? his approach is just fine.. – ifaour Jan 15 '11 at 12:34
Because he specifically stated that he suspected the issue was with the IS NULL clause - I've used the above syntax, although not his, and that has always worked for me. – BrynJ Jan 15 '11 at 12:44
Thanks for the reply, but this doesn't seem to work either. I'm getting an error: Unknown column '10' in 'on clause' '10' is the value of $user_id. This query works fine if written in sql. Which is what I might end up doing anyway, this way I can get the userlevel in the sql query rather then passing it in. – JoeM05 Jan 17 '11 at 17:39
It's your members join line - CI is adding backticks to the table / field names, and it's not intelligent enough to realise your $user_id value isn't a table / field name. You might be able to restructure your query to get the data another way - or, as you say, it might be easier to just call $this->db->query() and be done with it! – BrynJ Jan 18 '11 at 9:53

Sometimes CI makes it a bit complicated... you can always use $this->db->query("your very long query") to simplify a bit (if I recall correctly strings are still escaped - not sure). It's a personal opinion.

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$this->db->where('column IS NOT NULL')

in your case

$this->db->where('members_quests_completed.user_id is not null');
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