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How can I add in commandbutton inside datatable?

<hx:dataTableEx value="#{searchData.searchFriends}" var="s">
    <f:facet name="header">
     <h:outputText value="First Name" />
    <hx:requestLink action="#{pc_Search.doAddFriendAction}">
     <h:outputText value="Add as Friend" />
     <f:param name="friendId" value="#{s.memberId}" />

To get the data at backend

String friendId = (String)getRequestParam().get("friendId");

But once I change the requestlink to command button the friedId = null? any idea how can i pass value using command button

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Wrap the datatable value in a DataModel. Then you can obtain the selected row by DataModel#getRowData().

public class Bean {
    private List<Friend> friends;
    private DataModel friendsModel;

    public Bean () {
        friends = getItSomehow();
        friendsModel = new ListDataModel(friends);

    public void addAsFriend() {
        Friend selectedFriend = (Friend) friendsModel.getRowData();
        // ...


<h:dataTable value="#{bean.friendsModel}" var="friend">
        <h:commandButton value="Add as friend" action="#{bean.addAsFriend}" />

Should work as good with IBM Faces Client Framework (those hx: components).

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