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Does someone know a way how to exclude all Qt and Boost dependencies from a CMake project?

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What do you mean by "exclude"? Your CMakeLists.txt probably contains FindQt, FindBoost calls you can disable, given that the code doesn't depend on Qt or boost. –  Frank Osterfeld Jan 16 '11 at 16:13

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I set INCLUDE_REGULAR_EXPRESSIONS ("\.h$"), because my project's header files all end with .h. As Boost ends its header files with .hpp, this excludes the Boost header files. It also helps with Qt at least partially, because Qt has not suffixes at all for the public header files, but uses .h for internally included header files. However excluding Boost header files gave a huge performance improvement, when scanning header dependencies

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I use command include_regular_expression("^([^b]|b[^o]|bo[^o]|boo[^s]|boos[^t]|boost[^/]).*$") to skip all includes starting with "boost/" (if somebody knows a simpler regex - please add a comment). Certainly, it may be extended to Qt headers.

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