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I have an ActiveRecord object. It is updated using the nested attributes of a parent object. The problem is it has some non-database fields which if set need to trigger an after_save event. The problem that I am having is that if no database attributes are updated the after_save never fires, but I need it to.

ActiveRecord.partial_updates = false is a default in my app. The save never happens...

I tried to update the updated_at = DateTime.now and it does not trigger the record to be saved. Only when one of it's other properties gets updates does the save actually trigger.

Note Rails 2.3.8

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How do you specify the after_save callback? –  polarblau Jan 15 '11 at 15:11
I haven't tried this myself, but does YourModel.partial_updates = false help matters any? –  Cratchitimo Jan 15 '11 at 15:35

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Though I haven't tested it, it's possible that including ActiveModel::Dirty and telling it about those non-database fields will allow ActiveRelation pick them up.

More info: http://railsapi.com/doc/rails-v3.0.3/classes/ActiveModel/Dirty.html

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Basically I manually created a setter for the non database property and invoked id_will_change! which made the whole object dirty. This works for my needs.

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