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I have two tables in a database and when I add a product I need to insert in both tables. I think that i need to use transactions, but because I'm on the learning stage of CakePHP, SQL, etc...I'm stuck.

Those are my tables

products(id, name, description, price)  
images(id, path, alt, product_id)

and the method in the product model looks like this:

    function newProduct($product, $image){
    if(!empty($product) && !empty($image)){
        $dataSource = $this->getDataSource();
            $Image = new Image();
            $Image->product_id = $this->id; 
                //I'm stuck here, how to save ??
            return  $dataSource->commit($this);

    return false;
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There is a Transactional behavior for CakePHP 1.2+:


Cake also has a saveAll method. Just specify both records in the same array and call saveAll:

$savearrary = array("Model1" => ..., "Model2" => ...);

(If you add Image to the $uses array (like = var $uses = array("Image", "Product");) you won't have to construct an Image object. The Image model will be accesible at $this->Image)

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