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I'm using fixture to test a Pylons app, but I stumbled upon a problem.

Let's say I have such data set:

class CompanyData(DataSet):

    class test_company:
        company_full_name = u'Firma Tęst'
        company_short_name = u'TęstCo'

class UserData(DataSet):

    class test_user:
        user_login = 'testuser'
        user_password = 'test'
        company = CompanyData.test_company

Now, the problem is, that when I use this data in a functional test (like described at http://farmdev.com/projects/fixture/using-fixture-with-pylons.html), I can't obtain the id (primary key) of the company.

In my application the user after logging in should be redirected to the company profile page and that's why I need the company's id. The test looks more or less like this:

self.app.post(url(controller='main', action='login'), params={
    'login': UserData.test_user.user_login,
    'password': UserData.test_user.user_password

response = self.app.get(url(
    controller='events', action='index',
    company_id=UserData.test_user.company.company_id, # This doesn't work
assert ... in response

The first request logs in the user and the second one checks if after logging in she can access the company profile page.

This way I get:

AttributeError: class test_company has no attribute 'company_id'

I also tried:


But it results in:

<Ref.RefValue for CompanyData.test_company.company_id (not yet loaded)>

which seems weird to me... Why isn't it loaded?

Is there any way of finding out what is the primary key?

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company_id is the primary key column in the company table, not a foreign key in the user table (which is user_company_id). Don't blame me for the naming convention, I didn't design this database, I just work with it ;) – Juliusz Gonera Jan 21 '11 at 18:09
By default in yours DataSet`s primary key would be 'id' farmdev.com/projects/fixture/api/… – estin Jan 22 '11 at 8:40
I tried that, it doesn't change anything. I keep getting "<Ref.RefValue for CompanyData.test_company.id (not yet loaded)>". I even tried adding class Meta: primary_key = ['company_id'] to the dataset and it changes nothing in both variants. – Juliusz Gonera Jan 22 '11 at 10:25
For accessing id your must appirate with fixture created by yours DataSets (not direct DataSets). See this working example pastebin.com/zUVUDnkr – estin Jan 22 '11 at 13:49
Thank you! Using the data object like this: self.data = dbfixture.data(UserData); self.data.UserData.test_user.company.company_id works like a charm. I don't know why the official docs don't highlight this (most examples use DataSets directly). – Juliusz Gonera Jan 22 '11 at 15:41

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